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VideostreamHD is an on-demand video platform for business, just think of 4OD, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and the rest, but one that's been
created just for businesses that have or would like to create a catalogue of video content for their customers and want to control the brand
experience. Our video platform integrates into any website, allowing businesses to become broadcasters, from creating channels, to
inserting ads and monetising content, through to delivering videos to any online screen and measuring audience engagement.

Video will be 90% of all internet traffic

The video audience is huge, it’s forecast that 80-90% of global consumer traffic will comprise of video by 2018.
(Source: Cisco)

Video links will attract 3x more visitors

It’s highly persuasive, a website post that includes video content will attract 3 times more inbound links than plain text posts.
(Source: SEOmoz)

65% visit the website after viewing video

It’s highly influential, people who viewed a video on a website are 65% more likely to make a purchase.
(Source: comScore)

Why Video Stream HD – The Benefits

Engage with potential and existing customers to launch new products or services, deliver training more efficiently,
provide how to guides, video blogs and global seminars, plus much more. These are only a few options of what
you could use film for on your own online TV platform. It’s all about efficiency, reducing costs for your business and increasing
profitability, whilst taking back control of your brand experience and keeping customers on your website to drive sales.

For example, what would it mean to your business to be able to provide 24/7 training without the overhead of multiple
training staff or to be able to launch new products and services to all of your clients without the cost of attending an expo?


Our Solution

The Videostream video management platform is easy to use and integrates into the website of any business large or small. According to Nielsen,
64 % of marketers expect video to dominate their content strategies in the near future. At Videostream we’re allowing these business
professionals to take control of their video content today through our advanced video platform.

Simple & easy to use

Integrates into any website, with an intuitive CMS enabling non-tech users to easily upload and mange video content.

Reports & Statistics

Analyse your video content with powerful statistics and reports to understand how your content is performing.

Multi-screen delivery

Our player enables viewers to watch video content across multiple devices such as desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Channel Creation

Enhance the viewing experience by creating channels to organise your video content so it can be found easily.


Generate revenue from your video content immediately with in film overlays, pre roll or post roll video ads.

Social Media

Tie your video to your current social media strategy, share clips via social platforms Facebook, Twitter and more.

Why Choose Videostream

Technical Expertise

We pioneered the use of B2B video broadcasting platforms and understand that each video broadcast solution is unique.

Fixed Fee

You’re always in control of your video content delivery with our simple monthly fee that’s fixed to your specific needs.

Simple Pricing

We keep our pricing simple. Just choose the plan that meets your requirements and if things change we’re here to help.

Production Capability

We create and produce industry leading video content, from 30 sec adverts through to campaign ideation, planning and production.

Scalable Solution

Videostream has been designed to easily integrate into businesses of all sizes and sectors, from SME’s to Multinationals.

Platform Installation

We have the in-house capability to design, build and integrate Videostream to meet even the most demanding deadlines.

Our Pricing

  • Express

  • £45

    Per Month
  • Storage: 15gb
  • Users: 1
  • Support: Email
  • Video Channels: 5
  • Branded Platform: Yes
  • Customised Platform Design: -
  • Responsive Interface: -
  • Batch Video Upload: -
  • Ad Manager (Monetize): -
  • Search Engine Optimised: Yes
  • Google Analytics Integration: Yes
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  • Professional

  • £95

    Per Month
  • Storage: 25gb
  • Users: 3
  • Support: Email
  • Video Channels: 10
  • Branded Platform: Yes
  • Customised Platform Design: -
  • Responsive Interface: -
  • Batch Video Upload: Yes
  • Ad Manager (Monetize): Yes
  • Search Engine Optimised: Yes
  • Google Analytics Integration: Yes
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  • Business

  • £295

    Per Month
  • Storage: 50gb
  • Users: 5
  • Support: Account Manager
  • Video Channels: Unlimited
  • Branded Platform: Yes
  • Customised Platform Design: Yes
  • Responsive Interface: Yes
  • Batch Video Upload: Yes
  • Ad Manager (Monetize): Yes
  • Search Engine Optimised: Yes
  • Google Analytics Integration: Yes
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  • Custom

  • Do you need something a little different then please get in touch as we can create an installation to match your need.
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    38 99 343

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Example Videostream content

Product or Service Demos

If you’ve unveiled a whole new product or service, then chances are you’ll be able to create videos for each new feature, leaving you with a host of new topics to add to your content calendar.


Video is also a great way to promote, distribute or re market your webinars. You can even use the event speakers to add a personal touch to invites, and include it in other promo content.

Value Props

Demos showcase features but what about your value statement? Create videos that introduce your company or products as well, focusing on the benefits rather then just how they work.

Expert Q & A's

Not all of your content needs to come from you. Try tracking down other experts or influencers in your field and see if they’d be willing to sit down for a short Q&A video on a specific topic.

Instructional or Training Videos

Onsite training is an expensive requirement for any business, but this can now be done via instructional videos or training seminars, allowing resources to be deployed more efficiently.

Customer testimonial

Testimonials can very powerful. You can interview satisfied customers to share their success stories, or even simply compile your best customer quotes to be used in a short presentation.


Why Video?


Our highly experienced in-house media production team have the expertise to produce any video production, from
animated infographic productions, through to full TV broadcast advertising campaigns.

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